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Pet Peeve for the day!

One of my biggest complaints about some fellow Realtors (the group to which I belong) is that they don’t return phone calls in a timely manner. Sure, we all get busy throughout the day, but it is common courtesy to return a call from somebody (especially when they leave you a message stating that they have an offer on one of your listings!). I left several messages for a listing agent on Tuesday morning about an offer I wanted to present and didn’t hear back until Wednesday! Imagine how you might feel if you were the seller of the home and your agent didn’t tell you about the offer until the next day.

What makes things even worse, is that as the buyer’s agent, I couldn’t even contact the seller until 24 hours had passed because of our MLS restrictions. So, I had my buyers calling me throughout the day asking if I had heard back from the listing agent (which I hadn’t), and hearing them voice their frustrations about the situation. My hands were tied, and that didn’t make me feel very good. But I will remember how this agent treated me, and the next time I have an opportunity to show one of her homes…

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