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Happy New Year!

Like most everyone, I started out in 2006 with a plan. About halfway through the year, something went awry and I just got too busy with life (you know, the stuff that keeps us busy such as work, home, kids, etc…). As a result, I didn’t follow through with a few of my original goals. One was to stay in better touch with my clients. The other was to maintain regular posts to this blog.

Welcome to 2007! New year. Same goals. So, here I am posting my first blog of the year. Nothing groundbreaking, just wanting you to know that I am also starting to create videos for my listings as a way of gaining additional exposure for my clients. If you click on the link for YouTube and type in my name in the search box (Daniel Jeung), it should bring up a window with the videos I’ve created (only one so far, but I’m taking a movie making class to improve my skills…).

Here is my first video [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8R5uglbbs8]

This is a home I have listed in Duvall, Washington for $540,000 in Legacy Ridge.

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