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Lost and (not!) Found

So, I used to post all of my Blogs to Blogger.com. Then, when I changed website hosting companies, I used their blogging system for my blog entries. After awhile I realized that their blogging platform stunk (didn’t do what I had hoped it would do), and now I’m back to my old site. Unfortunately, there was no way of merging the two sites into one where all of my posts would show up. If you look at the dates of my previous posts, it looks like I’ve been absent for a year, but that’s not the case. I’ve just got no way of showing my past blog entries here.

So now I’m kinda starting from scratch again. On my links page I mentioned my kitchen remodel, and how you can see some of the photos (before and after), but that’s no longer possible until I repost them again. I’ll try and do that this week.

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