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The Housing crisis is over!

If it’s in print, then it must be true. Right?
Don’t misunderstand me because as a Realtor, I like reading articles that are positive for my industry. But I live in the real world, not the financial world where analysts look at things on a more global or macro scale. I just hope that the people reading the article live here in the Seattle area where it will actually have an impact on our local housing market.
And let’s be completely honest, does the average person really understand the full meaning of what is written in articles such as these? I’ve always been a bit confused when the economists use phrases such as “When the rate of house-price declines halves, there will be a whoesale shift in markets’ perceptions… when valuing the collateral, market participants including banks are extrapolating…” What does all of this mean? I consider myself a pretty smart person, and I understood most of what was written, but I’d much prefer to read articles in more basic terms that the general public can understand.
Anyway, here is the full article in the Wall Street Journal. Maybe someone can read it and explain it to me…


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