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Happy Birthday Steven!

Yesterday, May 16, 2008 was my oldest son’s 18th birthday. Seems like only yesterday that he was such a cute little kid. It’s hard to believe that he’s old enough to vote and to fight for our country if necessary. Today is his Senior Prom and when he showed me his Tuxedo (white with pinstripes), I wasn’t sure if I was gonna laugh (he looked like a sports celebrity with his shaved head), or cry (he looked all grown up). I began reflecting on how the years have gone by, and how proud I am of his accomplishments. To be perfectly clear, he is a typical teenager; sometimes irresponsible, often impertinent, and yet still has an innocence about him.

Steven at 6 yrs Steven at 9 yrs
Steven at 11 yrs Steven at 16 yrs
Steven at 17 yrs looking like a dork playing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution)

So it also got me thinking about what was happening in 1990.

  • Mortgage interest rates were hovering around 10% for a 30yr fixed loan.
  • Homes were selling for about $80/sqft in Woodinville (vs. $270 in 2008).
  • The Hubble telescope was launched into space.
  • Mikhail Gorbachev was awarded the nobel Peace Prize
  • Sammy Davis Jr. (of the famous “Rat Pack”) passed away on the same day as Steven was born. I don’t think he was re-incarnated as Steven (as evidenced by his dancing skills above).
  • And more

What were you doing in 1990?

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