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In Honor Of Woodinville…

Memorial Day this year, I decided to learn about the Woodinville Memorial Mead, aka Woodinville Cemetery located in downtown Woodinville. I drive by this location on a daily basis, but had never visited until today.

The land for the Memorial Mead was donated by the Woodin family, the family for whom the city is named. One of the interesting facts I learned today was that plots are still available in the Mead. I had always assumed this was a historical cemetery, and that it was filled with the Pioneers of the area.

I took a few photos of plot markers while there. If you get the chance to visit, it’s an interesting journey to our town’s past. Elmer Carlberg, a WWI veteran (see 2nd photo below) was a self-appointed caretaker of the Mead for many years, and built the huge monument for his parents, John & Julia, also on the grounds. The poem (last photo below) is from their monument. I don’t know who penned the poem, do you?

The Woodin Family plot
Elmer Carlberg, Veteran
Unknown Poem

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  1. Anonymous

    Great looking blog, Daniel. Super. Like your slide show. Like the variety of stories.
    Good stuff. Couldn’t quite read the tombstone inscription, but I know there are some beauties there, having walked the cemetary.
    Keep up the fine blog work.


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