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Is it my agent’s fault? (Part II)

So, you’ve prepared your home, and it looks great! It’s priced appropriately for the market and the photos are perfect. What? you’re still not getting any showings?

The first step is to look at the MLS printout. Is there something that is missing in the marketing comments that might entice a buyer to see the home? Check to make sure that all the included information is correct too! I’ve seen many listings with the wrong number of beds and baths advertised. I’ve also seen listings where the price is incorrect ($250,000 home listed for $2,500,000), or the address is input incorrectly (hard to see a home if you can’t find it).

Next, review the marketing plan with your listing agent. What advertising has been done? Print advertising is not as dominant as it once was. According to a 2007 survey done by the National Association of Realtors, 84% of home buyers used the internet when looking for a home. Can you find your home online? Put your buyer hat on, and look at the major websites for your home. In the Pacific Northwest, all of the large real estate companies have a major web presence. In addition to Windermere’s, John L. Scott’s, Coldwell Banker’s websites, there are also Trulia, Craigslist and others. If you can’t find your home, its possible that nobody else can either. Make sure that your agent remedies this immediately.

Public and Broker Open Houses? Yes, these add to the exposure of your home, although they have diminished in importance with the advent of the internet. I hold Open Houses for all of my clients, because I don’t like to leave any stones unturned. The probability of obtaining a buyer for your home is low with Open Houses, but in this type of market, all facets need to be explored. I just held a Sunday Open House for a client and had nobody stop by. I sent out postcard mailers to the neighbors and potential move-up buyers, advertised the open house online and in the local newspaper with no success. I’m not deterred however, and plan to try it again next weekend.

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