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Is it my agent’s fault? (Part III)

So the house looks great, the information in the MLS and online is correct and attractive, the advertising is going strong, yet still only a handful of buyers have visited?

One myth that many sellers seem to believe is that real estate agents sell houses. We don’t. Okay, I’ve let the cat out of the bag. The wizard has come out from behind the curtain.

When I describe what I do to folks, I tell them that I help people buy and sell houses. The key word is “people”. Without “people”, I would just be looking at homes, and living on welfare (which may be soon if buyers don’t start buying). Sometimes, you can do everything right, and still have nobody come and look at your home. If there is nobody in your price range looking for a home with features that your offers, there is nothing that I nor any other real estate agent can do. I can’t wave a magic wand and have a buyer appear. Some agents might promote that they could do this, but they’d be lying.

How do you gain visibility for your home if there are no buyers? I can’t make buyers appear, but you as the seller can. How you ask?

You could lower the price (you’ve heard that before, haven’t you?).
You could offer different terms (carry back a 2nd mortgage on the property or pay closing costs).
You could offer buyer incentives (appliances, etc.)

Lastly (and this is the hardest option for sellers),
You can be patient. A buyer will materialize sooner or later. They always do. Just don’t kill the messenger. If your agent is doing what he/she should be doing to expose your home to the market, don’t blame him/her for there not being any buyers around.

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