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The value of an Open House?

So, I’m sitting here at my new listing (see previous post) on Sunday July 6th waiting for the right buyer to drop in and make an offer on this great home. Yesterday, I knocked on doors within the neighborhood letting folks know that I just listed a home in their neighborhood. I handed out flyers and let everyone know that I would be holding the home open today from 1-4pm.

I’ve spoken to many other agents in the area who think door knocking and Open Houses are a waste of their time. They would rather stay home and complain about how bad the market is. In this slower market, I think a good agent has to think outside of the box and do things that may be outside of their comfort zone. Knocking on doors and sitting an Open House isn’t the most exciting way to market a home, but I did get to meet several of the neighbors, and one of them even recognized my name from some of the other homes I’ve sold in the neighborhood.

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