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Cool new technology!

Anyone who really knows me understands that I love technology. While I try and portray a sophisticated and cool dude on the exterior, I’m really a nerd at heart. Take this cool new project that Microsoft is working on as a prime example. It’s called Tagging.

Still in its Beta phase (aren’t all MS products?) this software is designed as a marketing tool for mobile products. You need to have the latest in phone technology (which I do), and download a small application that runs on your phone. Currently, the software runs on Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian S60 and J2ME enabled phones. Your phone also needs to have a camera and internet access.

The idea behind this software is to allow users to get additional information about products and/or services by taking a photo of a tag (or barcode).

Here is a tag I created and added to my email signature. If a user with one of the phones listed above snaps a picture of my tag, it will bring him/her to this Blog (try it! You need to put your camera really close to the screen).

How about this idea for a tag(s):

I negotiate an advertising fee with Microsoft and a bunch of retailers (restaurants, stores, etc…) in the UDistrict (that’s near the University of Washington where my son attends) who would be willing to offer some sort of discount to persons via the tag. I then make a T-shirt with all of the tags on it that my son can wear throughout the day, advertising the retailer discounts.

I see several benefits:

1. The advertisers have increased traffic and revenue in their stores
2. My son makes a lot of new friends and becomes famous as a walking billboard
3. I make money to pay for my son’s education

How would you use the tags in your life? Drop me a comment with your brilliant ideas…

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