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Fresh Cookies – Limited time only…

I’m sitting here at my Open House in Woodinville (see previous post below). I’ll be here until 4pm today.

It’s a sunny day here and the mountain views from my clients’ back deck is gorgeous. Too bad it is 40 degrees outside, or I’d be kicking back on their lounge chairs. Instead, I’m inside the warm confines of their home writing this post…

When I sit Open Houses for my clients, I always try to bake something in the oven. I’ve heard that it evokes the senses of visitors, but to be honest, it’s purely selfish on my part. I just like to eat! What are your thoughts? If you went into an Open House, would you think that the cookies were some evil ploy on the part of their Realtor, or would you just grab one (or two) and enjoy the offer? Would it help you to remember the home later?

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