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Cool Real Estate app for your Android phone…

I love technology. People who know me know that I love technology. I’m usually on the bleeding edge, and I’ve got the financial scars to prove it. In late 2010, I switched from my Blackberry phone to the new bleeding edge HTC Evo. I love this phone, but it has its own set of problems. I’m not writing today to discuss the phone itself, but rather, the real estate application that I recently downloaded for it.

First let me state that my Evo phone is based on the Google Android operating system. Don’t despair if you happen to have an iPhone or (God help you), a Windows Mobile phone. This app has a version available for those phones as well.

The app is Zillow. This real estate site aggregates data on homes, culled from various MLS cooperatives and public tax records across the nation. What I like about this app is that by using the GPS feature on my phone, I can view data on nearly every home around my current location, not just those homes currently for sale.  For example, let’s say you’re at a dinner party at a friend’s house, and the subject about real estate comes up (doesn’t it always???). Your host mentions that the house next door just sold, but she doesn’t know the final sales price.  You simply pull out your phone, click on the zillow app and Voila!, the information is right there on your screen! How cool is that???

Don’t have any of the smartphones named above? Don’t fret. You can also just visit Zillow’s website and pull up the same data. The screen will be easier and larger to view, but it doesn’t have that same wow factor!

If you have the new QR Code reader on your phone, just snap the image below for an automatic link to the free download. FYI, this app is ad based, so you do have to put up with a small banner ad at the bottom of your phone screen while using the application.


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