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Is a picture is worth a few Thousand Dollars?

How about a few months on the market?

Back in 2008, I posted a 3 part series titled “Is it your agent’s fault“. In the articles, I spoke about many things that contribute to the successes and/or failures in the sale of a client’s home. There is no better time to look back and review these posts, especially since we are right in the middle of the worst housing market we will likely ever see.

In the first article, I mentioned photos as being an important factor in the sale of a home. Back in 2008, the comparison was of a poorly lit photo versus a well lit photo. It’s now 2011 and the bar has been raised yet again. The new standard in photos is High Dynamic Range Imaging (or HDR). In a nutshell, you have several photos taken of the same image (in our case, a room or a home), each varying slightly in exposure. These photos are then merged together to create one surreal photo that is comprised of the best tonal resolutions from each of the photos. Here are three photos I took of a lake near my home:

I then used a software program named Photomatix (for the Mac) to process and render the photo into one HDR image that looks like this:
I’m just learning how to take and process the images, and I’m certainly not good enough to take photos of my own listings yet. Until that time, I utilize the services of a professional photographer to take and create the images for each of my listings. This service can cost me anywhere from $150-$300 depending on the time involved.
I think this new technology is crucial to presenting a listing in its best light, don’t you? If your agent isn’t using HDR processing on your home, will it look the best is can in the MLS photos and get the attention it deserves? Will it sell as quickly as it could? Is it your agent’s fault? I think the answers are NO, NO, and YES!
What are your thoughts?

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