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Is it important that my Realitor can spell?

In this age of easy access to computers and spell check programs, why is it that grammar and spelling have declined? Are we just too busy to take the time to proofread? Or, are we just too lazy?

Bad Grammar = No Business Or Does It?

Many of my co-workers and friends think I’m a bit crazy when I post photos on Facebook of typos that I come across in my daily life. I get a kick out of them.

But the bigger question to ask yourself is “does it change your perception of the company or individual in a negative way”?

Put another way, would you continue to do business with an individual or company if their correspondence was riddled with bad grammar or typos?

For me, it would depend.

Depends On The Business

For example, I was at a restaurant last night and saw the ad above on their daily menu:

I’ve never eaten a Carifornia Roll, but I’m guessing that the sushi chef probably didn’t write the menu. I laughed at the ad, but ate there anyway (btw, the food was very good!). So in this instance, the typos didn’t deter me from doing business with this establishment.

Here is an excerpt from the dessert menu at a large restaurant named The Cheesecake Factory:

But what if the typos and grammatical errors were found in a professional sales presentation?

Would your opinion of the company or individual go down a few notches?

During the short time I worked at Microsoft, I had to create presentations for my managers and sometimes even Bill Gates.

Can you imagine what would have happened if there were typos found?  At Accolade, another software company I worked for, I helped write manuals for our products. You can bet that each page was proofed prior to going into printing!

Personally, I think that what we write is just as important as what we say. I believe it reflects poorly on the author of a paper with errors. I think it leaves the reader with a feeling that the writer didn’t take the task very seriously.

Why It Is Important Your Woodinville, WA Realtor Can Spell

So, here’s one of my gripes… I check our MLS (Multiple Listing Service) daily for properties. It really bugs me when I see listings riddled with errors, ranging from simple spelling errors (e.g. ammenities instead of amenities), to incorrect data (e.g. wrong directions to a property, bad street address, wrong map and grid information).

I spoke recently with a fellow agent when I called him trying to find his listing. When I read him the information, he confessed that the listing was incorrect and joked that maybe that’s why it hadn’t sold in the year he had it listed (it probably had more to do with the price, but that’s another story…).

Here are two that I came across today. Out of 26 listings I looked up, these two were found in the first five that came up…

Before I close this post, let me state that I’m not perfect. I’ve made my share of grammatical mistakes and typos, but, I’m always striving to do better with each and every letter, document, or post I write. I proofread every document before it gets printed. Now, if only someone would invent a grammar checker or proofreader that works in real-time for the words that come out of my mouth…

By the way, in case you weren’t sure, I misspelled Realtor on purpose…

What are your thoughts?  Would love to hear them.  Leave a comment below.


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