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3 updates that DID NOT help sell this Lynnwood WA home

STOPWhen selling your house, it is generally in your best interest to de-clutter, clean, and update it so that potential buyers will view it at it’s best. Before doing so, I suggest that you ask your Realtor for his/her opinion. I see a lot of homes each week as I preview and show them to my buyer clients. I like to take photos of homes that I think serve as great (or not so great) examples of what sellers have done in their home.

What buyers look for.

Two rooms that get used the most in the home are the kitchen and bathroom. Makes sense, doesn’t it? What goes in must eventually come out. So, it is imperative that these two rooms are clean and show well.

Save the mold for the cheese.

CaulkingSinks and tubs are notorious collection areas for mold.  One of the easiest and best updates you can do to spruce up your kitchen and bath is to re-caulk around the edges.  This one simple update will make these rooms feel cleaner and tell your new buyers that you care about their health.  Unfortunately, intentions and execution don’t always go hand in hand.  For around $10, the seller of this home could have purchased a simple tool to help make the job look so much better.  Check it out here.

Tile makes a great backsplash.


Another update that homeowners can do to spiff up the kitchen is to install a tile backsplash above the counters. It adds a touch of elegance in what might otherwise be considered ordinary.  The key is making sure that the tile matches the rest of the kitchen design.  If you are unsure, it is best to talk to a kitchen designer or your Realtor for advice.  Perhaps the seller of the home to the right should have asked for help…

Wood floors in the Bathroom?


Common types of flooring in the bathroom range from vinyl to tile, and in some homes, carpeting.  In one of my previous homes, the builder installed carpeting in the bathroom, presumably because it was warmer on the feet.  However, it created problems due to moisture issues.  I happen to be an advocate of installing non-pervious flooring wherever water is present. I’ve seen some homes where hardwood flooring is installed in powder rooms without issues, but in general, it is not recommended.  Here is something that I’ve NEVER seen before…

I suppose if I wanted the look of wood flooring in the bathroom but without the warping issues, this might be the way to go!  I must admit that it is a unique use of shelving paper!  However, if I had laid it out, I would have matched up the direction of the grain…

When in doubt, hire an expert.

While I can’t state with 100% certainty, I do believe that these examples of what NOT to do, were completed by homeowners, and not the work of professionals.  Not to say that homeowners can’t produce results as good as a pro, but if you are in doubt of your own abilities, its best to hire a pro.  You’ll save money in the long run.

What do you think? Do you have examples of either a great remodel job, or a poorly executed one? Share them here…

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