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Cleaning can be sweet!

There is nothing sweeter than a clean home, wouldn’t you agree? But with today’s hectic lifestyle, who has the time?

Should I hire a housekeeper?

I live in an affluent area, surrounded by Hi-tech millionaires.  They have the disposable income to pay for nannies and housekeepers.  But, after that whole Meg Whitman – Illegal Alien debacle, I’m a bit leery about hiring a housekeeper.  Besides, I don’t know about you, but I’m generally frugal with my money. I have a hard time  paying someone else to do something that I can do just as good. That’s right, I’m a very thorough cleaner. But, I hate to do it!

My Woodinville home goes Hi-Tech!

Why spend $200 each month to have someone clean my home when I can be on the cutting edge and buy an electronic gadget for just a bit more, and use it as often as I want? Several years ago, iRobot released the Roomba vacuum for carpeted floors. Automatic, and unattended cleaning on a set schedule.  It doesn’t get any easier than this, and in fact my mom uses one in her home. However, it has a few limitations – It doesn’t work well on hardwood floors.

Introducing my new best friend…

No, it’s not my dog Boxster, but it does clean my floors better than him. It even doubles as entertainment value when I watch my dog chase after it and bark at it.  It’s called Mint, and you can check out one of their videos below.


I got one of these units last fall and I use it several times a week. I just let it run when I go to sleep, and in the morning I wake up to nice clean floors. The “dry” cleaning mode is great for picking up dirt, dog fur, and much more.  The “wet” mode is okay for light mopping duties, but still needs improvement. How sweet is that?  Now if only they created an automatic toilet cleaner…

Do you have some hi-tech products that you use? Share your thoughts with us here…


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