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Are Disposable Relationships Ruining your Chance at Happiness

Man in trashcanSomehow, I’m on an email list for eHarmony, and I get occasional articles in my inbox.  I usually just delete them and go about my day.  However, this particular headline caught my attention, not just because I’m single, but because this same headline could just as easily apply to Real Estate.

eHarmony for Real Estate?

In reading the article (click HERE to read it), I realized that there are many similarities between dating and real estate. Just scan through the article headers on their site and replace the word Date (or relationship) with Realtor. You could use the two words interchangeably except for maybe the sex articles.

Infidelity in Real Estate

When I read the aforementioned article, it got me thinking about how frequently I get phone calls from buyers asking me to show them one of my listings. The first question I ALWAYS ask a potential buyer, is whether he/she has an agent with whom they are already working.  Fifty percent or more of the time, the answer is YES, and 99% of the time when the answer is YES, the next word out of the mouth is BUT.  So, what am I supposed to do when the answer is YES, BUT…?

Communication is Key

Just as in a romantic relationship, communication is the key to success.  Perhaps the other agent didn’t explain to the client that it is inappropriate to contact another agent to look at a home for sale.  That task belongs exclusively to the buyer’s agent.  That is one of the services for which they get paid isn’t it?  If the agent never provided an educational meeting to the client, then that agent isn’t doing his/her job, nor helping promote the professionalism of our industry.

Fish or Cut Bait

Maybe the buyer is not just looking for a new home, but for a new agent as well? Just like in the eHarmony article, there can be a number of reasons that the client might feel like moving on, although I think a client should be grateful if the agent’s ears were too big.  At least that would mean they were being heard, right?

Perhaps the two just don’t have a good rapport.  Maybe the client isn’t being realistic but the agent isn’t strong enough to stand his/her ground.  Whatever the reason, shouldn’t they have a heart to heart discussion before calling it quits?  Then if they want to see one of my listings, I’d be happy to help!

What do you think? As a buyer, do you believe you owe your agent loyalty? Drop me a line with your comments…

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