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Do You Remember Your First Home?

Our first homeI was speaking with a client yesterday about a home purchase and somehow the topic got around to their first home purchase.  They were positively gushing about how much they loved their home. They remembered every last detail about why they bought it.  Unfortunately, they’ve outgrown it and now are looking at moving up.

The conversation got me thinking about all of the homes I’ve lived in throughout the years. Interestingly enough, the home that stands out as most memorable to me is not the first home I purchased, but rather the first home my mom purchased as a struggling single parent back in the early 70’s.

Fremont, CA

I still remember the address. 34439 Helston Place, Fremont, CA 94536. I googled it just yesterday to see if it had changed much in 30+ years. So much of my childhood just flashed back in my mind in an instant. I remembered the exact layout of the little 3 bedroom rambler. I remembered how my mom let my sister and me choose the carpeting in our own bedrooms (I chose green shag). I remembered when we got our first microwave oven how we all took turns staring at the chocolate cake we baked in it. I recalled how as a family, we tiled out first bathroom together. I still think about our first dog, Petey, who we got from my aunt Minnie as a house warming present. And lastly, I reminisced about the first schoolboy crush I had on Demi Mendivil, who later dated a rival in Jr. High.

Home = Memories

It is amazing how many memories can be triggered by a home. We personalize them to suit our lives and lifestyles. We raise families and celebrate holidays and special times in them. I’ve lived in many homes and had many girlfriends since that first one, but that home has a special place in my heart.  I may be unique in that I can also remember every address of every home I’ve ever lived in, plus I can remember even the smallest insignificant detail about each of those homes. That’s just how my mind operates. What’s even stranger, is that I can recall the layouts of nearly every home I’ve sold over the past 15 years… it’s the faces of the clients that I have trouble remembering (along with what I ate for dinner yesterday).

How about you? Do you remember your first home? What was the most memorable thing you recall?


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