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Do You Want to Flip a Home in Woodinville?

Cottage Lake

You’ve heard the naysayers. Prices are down, and you can’t make money in real estate any more.  WRONG!

CNNMoney ran an article recently about the opportunities some investors are finding in various parts of the country.  Real estate is local, and what happens in other parts of the country like Florida, may not be provide the same experience here in the Seattle WA area.  Fortunately for us in the Pacific Northwest, we appear to be recovering, if only slightly.

Cottage Lake Opportunity

Cottage Lake Flipper

You’ve heard the stories about the pristine car that grandma drove but was always garaged and has very low

miles on it?  How about the home that grandma lived in for 50 years? Unfortunately, it was neither updated nor maintained like that mythical car.  But, where there is work, there is opportunity.

This is one of the least expensive homes in the neighborhood and could have great potential once cleaned up. It isn’t lakefront property but it’s only a 5 minute walk to the lake (or 2 minutes if you make friends with your neighbors on the lake).  The kicker is that it backs to a large tract of open space that isn’t likely to be developed, and offers great views of nature.

Myths do Exist in REALiTY

Speaking of grandma’s car, my dad once picked up a pristine ’68 Mustang from a little old lady in San Francisco.  Her son owned the car before he died, and the car sat in the garage for a few years until she cleaned it out.

If you’d like to read the CNNMoney article, click HERE.  And if you’d like to see the inside of the home or make an offer on it, give me a call!  You’d better hurry though because I’m working with 2 investors already who may have an interest in it…

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