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Time for a Check-Up?

Credit Bureaus

Question: What Do Your Body, Teeth and Credit Have In Common?

Answer: They all need annual check-ups…

Believe it or not, your financial well-being is just as important as your physical well-being.  Maybe even more so, because if you are in financial trouble, chances are, your health will be affected either by stress to the body, or because of an inability to pay for healthcare.  So, take a minute and get a credit check-up.  The best part of the check-up is that there are no waiting lines, no shots, and no office co-pays.  It’s FREE, but only if you know where to go…

Don’t Believe Everything You See On TV

You’ve seen the commercials and have probably got that jingle stuck in your head.  You know the commercials I’m talking about, right? The one where some young guy and his band sing a song about how his credit got screwed up and now he has to a) live in his parent’s basement or b) drive an old beat up car…

The stories have merit, but if you go to the website that is advertised in the commercial, you’ll see that it’s just another company wanting you to spend your hard earned money on something you probably don’t need. The lure is a FREE CREDIT REPORT, but there’s a catch to all of this… If you read the fine print you’ll realize that in order to get your free credit report, you have to sign up for a trial membership in their credit monitoring program.  You will end up paying $14.95/month for something that isn’t necessary.

Instead, if you want to know what’s in your credit report, go to the official site at AnnualCreditReport.com where you can truly order your report(s) for free.  You can receive a free report from each of the three reporting agencies once per year.

Who Cares About My Credit?

Your credit rating is a very important part of your life, and it affects you in many ways, from what interest rates you are charged on credit cards, consumer and mortgage loans, to how much you’ll pay for home and auto insurance.  Check out this recent article for ways to increase (or decrease) your credit scores.

What are your thoughts? Do you think credit scores are over-rated? Have you been turned down for credit?

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