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Okay, let me say up front that yes, I do sometimes read these relationship emails that come spamming across my computer.  And yes, I do find the topics entertaining as well as informative from time to time.  I also think that, like many things in life, there are parallels to be found across broad and diverse topics.

Take this most recent article on eHarmony for example. It used the 2010 movie “She’s Out Of My League” as the premise for their article, so I figured I could use their article as the premise of my blog post!  Imagine this headline from eHarmony – Should You Date Someone “Out Of Your League”? This was an interesting article that touched upon several things to consider when assessing a potential date/mate. You can read the relationship article HERE.

Now, imagine that same title as a real estate article with a few words replaced.  It could become the headline I’ve written below.  In fact, I’ve used eHarmony in the past as a starting off point for another blog post.  You can read that prior post HERE.  Hey, when the well is dry, you still gotta find water somewhere, right?

Should You Buy A Home “Out Of Your Price Range”?

The eHarmony article is based on the notion that nobody wants to been seen as being in a relationship with someone perceived as “beneath” them, whether in intelligence, money or looks. As the article goes on to question, how many times have we seen couples that just don’t look “right” together?  Remember the movie “10” with Bo Derek and Dudley Moore? If Bo was a 10, then Dudley was a 5? I think that’s when we, as a society, starting ranking ourselves against our peers.  There’s an unwritten rule in dating that you should date someone that’s within 2 points of yourself.  So, if you’re a “7”, you can date someone from a “5-9”.  My guess is also that if you’re a “7” you want to date upwards, not necessarily those “6 and below” people, right? I guess Bo would have been out of your league.

Assess Your Own Assets

Think about our current housing crisis and ask yourself how we got here?  While many would like to blame it all on the banks, the truth is that the buyer has to shoulder some of the responsibility.

What You Bought

What You Bought

In the eHarmony article, one of the thoughts was “Assess your own assets”. In buying your home, did you assess your assets?  What did you bring to the party in terms of financial qualifications? If your bank account was a “3” rating, did you stretch and try to buy a “7” home?  Should you have stayed within your financial range of “1-5” instead of reaching for the stars?

What You Could Afford

What You Could Afford

Appraise the Attributes Of Your Partner

Think of your partner. What qualities do you like? What qualities would you like to change?  Now think of your home? What qualities did you like and what qualities did you plan on changing (remodeling, updating)? Did you budget for these changes at the beginning and plan for them as part of your original financial assessment above?  If not, then maybe you should have chosen a different home? On a side note, wouldn’t it be great if all it took was a little money to change those negative attributes of our partners?

Are You Out Of Your League?

There are many more parallels that I could draw from the eHarmony article, but I think it would be more insightful if you read it for yourself and thought of them on your own.  In order for us to move forward with our relationships and our financial woes, we must first learn from our past mistakes.  What do you think? Did you date and/or purchase a home out of your league?  How did it work out for you? I’d love to hear your stories!

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