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Seattle’s Own Green Monster


One of the best things about being self employed is that I can choose where my office will be on any particular day.  Lately, I’ve been making my rounds to the various coffee shops that are so abundant in the area.  With free Wi-Fi at nearly every place I go, I’m no longer tied down to sitting in my Woodinville office.  I have met some really interesting people and had some great conversations, all under the premise of “work”.

Not too long ago, I found myself at the UVillage Starbucks seated across someone who looked so familiar to me, yet the name eluded me. After mustering up the courage to ask the person if we had met before, it turned out that she taught my sons math in school, and was in fact a previous neighbor of mine.  We sat for the next two hours catching up on our lives and those of our kids who were good friends in school.

Another reason I like to frequent different coffee shops, is to observe my surroundings.  The way people dress on Capitol Hill is much different that how they dress in Bothell or Woodinville.  The one consistent theme amongst all of the different coffee shops however, is that everyone I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and talking to, has been so friendly!

I’m sitting at one of my new favorite coffee shops in Seattle as I write this post.  Here is a photo of the building across the street.  If you are the first person to tell me the name of the building (in a comment on my post), I’ll send you a $5 Starbucks  Gift Card!


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