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Top 10 Real Estate Websites

top-10-logoDisclaimer:  The websites presented are my own opinions, and not the results of some analytic gobbledygook.  The determination and ranking of these sites is completely random (with the exception of #1).  I will share the links to each of these sites along with my reason for inclusion in the list.  With no further ado, let’s take a look, shall we?


Dwell logoDwell.com – I first started reading this magazine several years ago, and have been since hooked on it.  I enjoy the articles that stress simplicity with a modern flair.  If you are a miminalist at heart, you’ll enjoy the topics that the magazine and website present.  Many of the projects stress conservation and recycling, which I applaud.


diy logoDIYnetwork.com – Part of the Scripps Network of TV shows that includes my favorite all-time TV network, FoodNetwork.com.  If you are interested in tackling a DIY (do it yourself) project, I highly recommend visiting this site first for some great tips.  This website also lists their TV show programming guide.  One of my favorite tv shows is Renovation Realities, which showcases a DIY project that is being tackled by homeowners who have absolutely no business holding a hammer or even a screwdriver.  If you want a good laugh, check out the show!


Zillow logoZillow.com – I like this website, not for the property valuations (because they can be soooo far off in their pricing) but because you can see your home from above in a satellite view AND get approximations of value and square footages.  Google Earth will also show your home from a satellite view, but it doesn’t have valuations and show property boundaries.


YouTube logoYouTubeYouTube.com – Not technically a real estate site, but you can find slideshows and videos of homes to view.  What makes this site a resource, is if you have questions about how things work in your home, you can probably find a video that someone has posted on the site that will explain it for you.  For example, I recently did a blog post about composting and recycling, and included videos found from youtube.  If you’d like to visit my Youtube channel, click HERE.


curbed logoCurbed.com – I like this site for its short news articles and timely top stories in real estate.  Think People magazine but focused on real estate.  One of the satellite sites focuses on Seattle, WA which brings the stories a little closer to home with features that are area specific.


planetgreen-logoPlanetGreen.com – This is one of the Discovery Channel’s spin-off sites that is dedicated to sustainable living.  On the site, you can watch videos of some of the coolest trends in sustainable housing, check out some of the hottest new appliances, and much more.  One of my favorite videos on this site showcases a 330 sqft apartment in Hong Kong.  Check it out HERE.


TOHLogoThisoldhouse.com – This is a website based on the original PBS show that (in my opinion) started the entire home remodel industry. Bob Vila will always be remembered as the original host, but the homes were always the focus.  I like how each home spanned several episodes which always kept me coming back each week.  The website tackles home improvement questions (Ask This Old House), and provides helpful tips for homeowners.


WRE logoWindermereWoodinville.com – I admit that I’m putting in a plug for my company’s own website.  The main reason for my inclusion into the top 10 list, is that if you need a referral for something having to do with your home, you can probably find it here.  Sort of like our version of Angie’s list.


craigslist logoCraigslist.org – Okay, I know that this technically isn’t a “real estate” website, but if you think of real estate in a broader sense, this would certainly qualify.  Looking for a home to buy or rent? You can find it on craigslist. Need to furnish it with inexpensive (or free) furniture and appliances? You can find it on craigslist.  Need someone to help occupy the home with you? Craigslist is the place to search!


Reality Bites LogoResidentExpert.com – REALiTY BiTES Blog. Were you expecting something else?  This is your one stop shopping experience for real estate (assuming that you live in the greater Seattle, WA area). You can search for homes here, ask questions about real estate, and most importantly, be entertained by my witty prose.

If you think I’ve omitted a site that should be added to the list, please let me know.  I’m not cheap, but I can be bought.

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