i turn REALTY into REALiTY

About Me…


I was raised on the streets of San Francisco until my family moved to the suburbs because “the city was getting too dangerous”. The reality was that I got in just as much trouble in the suburbs as in the city.  But, I survived, finished school, and found work in the computer games industry. Eventually, I was recruited by the Evil Empire in Redmond, WA.  I spent nearly 10 years in the software industry developing, managing, and marketing software.  After some deep soul-searching, I found a more noble cause to fight and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.  I help people find homes in the Greater Seattle – Eastside area in the state of Washington.

I work for Windermere Real Estate in Woodinville, and I’ve been in this office for 15 years.  I am not part of a real estate “team”. When you hire me, you work with me. You won’t be passed off to a buyer’s or seller’s agent. When you call on the phone, you get a live person (me) on the other end of the line.

Where I Live

I reside in an older split level home that I remodeled in 2008. I purchased the home as a “project”. Prior to this home, I remodeled a small rambler and wanted to try something on a larger scale, but one where I could try all sorts of stuff and not screw things up too badly.  I’m really happy with the outcome, and it’s a home I enjoy walking into each and every day.

My Passions

I enjoy writing about real estate almost as much as I enjoy helping my clients with their real estate needs.  This Blog is the perfect outlet for me to share some of my experiences and insights that I’ve gained throughout the years.  Other real estate agents “purchase” content or repost articles that they find online.  I write ALL of my own articles on this blog (although I occasionally repost something if I really like it).  I try and write posts that invoke thought and I really appreciate feedback, both positive AND negative.  My goal is to start a dialog with my readers.

I’ve bought and sold many homes, and I’ve gone through the corporate relocation process.  I think this provides me with some personal experiences that set me apart from other real estate agents in the area.  If you think we would work well together, drop me a line.  Thanks for stopping by!