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Lynnwood Perception turns into REALiTY

Back in February, I wrote about shadow inventory, and how it can affect the overall market. You can read my post HERE. In that post, I referred to a condo complex in Lynnwood, WA where there were many units for sale. A few weeks ago, one of my investor clients purchase a unit in that same complex for a sales price of $142,000. In my previous post, I posed a hypothetical question about what would happen if the units in the complex began to sell for bargain basement prices. Based on my recent experience, I think the answer is evident. Read the rest of this entry »


3 updates that DID NOT help sell this Lynnwood WA home

STOPWhen selling your house, it is generally in your best interest to de-clutter, clean, and update it so that potential buyers will view it at it’s best. Before doing so, I suggest that you ask your Realtor for his/her opinion. I see a lot of homes each week as I preview and show them to my buyer clients. I like to take photos of homes that I think serve as great (or not so great) examples of what sellers have done in their home.

What buyers look for.

Two rooms that get used the most in the home are the kitchen and bathroom. Makes sense, doesn’t it? What goes in must eventually come out. So, it is imperative that these two rooms are clean and show well. Read the rest of this entry »

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