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Violet Beauregarde’s Heaven in Seattle…

The Gum Wall

Alas, if only Violet hadn’t found the golden ticket, and instead opted to visit Seattle, she wouldn’t have been so blue.  Instead, she might have taken up residence in Pike’s Market just so she could visit this personal shrine at her leisure.

A Seattle Kaleidoscope of Flavors

Think of Jackson Pollock meets Jelly Belly. If you’re still in the dark about where (or what) this place is, its the Gum Wall below Pike Market.  I don’t know how long it has been there, but to be perfectly honest, I just discovered it this past week while frequenting the restaurant across the alley.

Donations Accepted

If you’ve ever felt that you should be more giving, this is your opportunity. No cash is required. However, this is BYOG (Bring your own GUM). I’m sure you can pick up a piece somewhere in the market. If you’re feeling hungry, I’m sure you might even be able to take a piece as well…

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