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I Blame Starbucks For My Composting Addiction

Addiction – Part II

Coffee groundsIt all began one winter day back in 1996.  I remember it all so vividly.  You never forget your first time, do you?  You can read about my first time [read here] if you really want…  From that day forward, I’ve been downing mochas on a regular basis.  The byproduct of making coffee is of course coffee grounds, and being the naturally inquisitive person that I am, I started reading about how coffee grounds could be used as compost in the garden for acidic plants.  I’m never one to just dabble, because when the addiction hits, it hits hard. Read the rest of this entry »

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And now for something completely different…

I was surfing the internet the other day and came across an article about Coinstar that intrigued me. I knew about Coinstar from its inception many years ago, because it was started by Jens Molbak (of Molbaks Nursery in Woodinville). I had never utilized a Coinstar machine to count my coins because I’m inherently cheap and didn’t want to pay their 9.8% processing fee. Instead, I followed the Chinese tradition and used cheap (free) child labor. I would have my kids roll all of my coins up in wrappers and then I’d take it to the bank.

Now that my kids are older and no longer under my control, my loose change has just been gathering dust in my office.  What I discovered on the Coinstar site was the free (no fee) offer to exchange my loose change for Starbucks credit. Since I have a Gold Starbucks card that requires constant feeding ($$), this was the tipping point that I needed.

Today, I filled up a small baggie full of coins and took a trip to the local Coinstar machine. I added nearly $20 to my card! For those of you who don’t drink Starbucks, you can also exchange your coins for Amazon.com credit, and other merchants. Check it out here…Do you know what else I learned? Redbox video rentals is 100% owned by Coinstar! Very cool!!!

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