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HARP Eligibility Test

The New & Improved HARP

In my last post [read here], I shared the recent news about new changes to the HARP program.  Before you run out and celebrate, you may wish to take this little test provided by Zillow.com to see if you meet the specific criteria needed.

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Zesstimates: New and Improved?

new and improved

Better, But Still Room For Improvement

A recent post on Zillow.com boasted of version 3 of their Zesstimate algorithm.  If you’re not familiar with Zillow, or their Zesstimates, it is an automated valuation tool, designed to help sellers (and buyers) determine the value of their home. In past years, it has garnered some praise, but even more criticism for its inaccuracies. In fact, back in 2006 I wrote a post about Zesstimates and how bad they were.  You can read that post here.

Shortly after my post (not that I believe I had any influence on them, as it was more of a coincidence than anything else), they developed version 2.0 which allowed homeowners the ability to add information to their database with the hopes of generating more accurate data.  Many homeowners flocked to the site, eagerly correcting the erroneous information that was stored in their county tax records, with the hopes that by entering updated information, they would see their zesstimates soar thru the roof, thereby affirming what they inherently believed from the start – that their home was the most expensive (or rather highest valued) home on the block. Read the rest of this entry »